Losing My Religion

I once believed in my religion.

My religion had many laws…

   Commanded by God himself.

   All chiseled into stone by His own hand.

My religion said I only needed to Believe.

   But Jesus said that we must love our enemies,

   And to treat others how we would like to be treated.

   Loving my enemies is almost impossible.

My religion has a sacred book.

   God inspired man to write His error-free book,

   But soon regretted making man,

   And killed them all to start over again.

My religion was a religion of love,

   Exclusion and condemnation included.

   And we’re not to judge others.

   Just love them.

My religion said to love the sinner and hate the sin.

   But some got confused,

   And hated the sinner.

   And sometimes killed the sinner.

My religion says that same-gender love is not natural.

   And that we must convert the unnatural to be natural.

   And I often wondered if being left-handed was natural.

   It isn’t for me.

My religion said to feed the poor.

   Yet we’re more concerned with,

   Placing God phrases on coins and car bumpers.

My religion became a contradiction. 

  It became too complicated…

  And all I wanted to do was love others.

And I figured out that,

  I can love without religion.

3 thoughts on “Losing My Religion

  1. That’s a very interesting post, and another I’ve been thinking about since you posted it. I see religions as imposed belief systems, imposed in such a way that they are full of threats. A threat against progressing to an after-life unless ……… you comply. As you say in the final part, too many contradictions! I was raised as a Christian in the Methodist tradition but this slowly dissipated when I married a Buddhist 51 years ago. Now, my new religion focuses me on improving my life in the here and now, not building up credits in the hope of an after life.
    (How long did it take you to put this extensive post together?)

    1. Thanks! Yes, religions are imposed belief systems like you say. Christianity has crept into our political system, and now we have supreme court justices who favor Christian crap like eliminating roe v. wade and excluding lgbtq people. It’s sickening! I created this blog to inform others and attempt to get this stuff out of my system. I don’t want to be one of those anti-religious atheists who put down Christians all the time. I don’t feel that I can converse with Christians that way. And I’m like you regarding improving my life here and now. I read and watch a lot on Zen and Buddhism, which appeals to me. I’ve had this post in my journal for quite some time, adding and deleting to it as time goes by.

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