Google and ChatGPT Didn’t Know, Either!

Jesus' baptism

A thought struck me as I was having coffee at Starbucks this morning. It’s raining, and I love rainy days. But that wasn’t what struck me. I wondered if raindrops could baptize one!

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it. If you’re Christian and reading this, how were you baptized? I was a Methodist when I was baptized by sprinkling water on my head. I never questioned whether or not this was proper or Biblical. I never questioned whether or not I’m saved through baptism or not. I was too ignorant to think of those questions at the time. The questions didn’t come until later.

Google is my friend, and I asked it to help me out. I typed, “what is the proper way to be baptized in Christianity?” It immediately gave me a list of several places to check out. There was a lot of debate and disagreement on the proper way to be baptized.

Then I asked Google, “will I be saved if I’m baptized?” Same thing – a lot of debate and disagreement. So, Google wasn’t able to give me definite answers.

The new craze today, at least for me, is Artificial Intelligence. I really got hooked on ChatGPT. And no. ChatGPT did not write this blog for me. But it can! If you have yet to try playing with ChatGPT, go here and see what you can do. It’s free for now, and I’m sure that you will be paying for it soon.

AI-Generated Rooster

Of course, I asked ChatGPT the same questions, and here are the responses:

What is the proper method to be baptized?

“The proper method of baptism can vary among Christian denominations, and there is ongoing debate over which method is the most appropriate.” Then it describes the three methods: immersion, pouring, and sprinkling.

Do I have to be baptized to be saved?

“The question of whether baptism is necessary for salvation is a subject of theological debate among Christians. Some Christians believe that baptism is a necessary part of the process of salvation, while others believe that it is not required.” It continued for another three paragraphs giving Bible verses on why it is necessary and why it isn’t.

I don’t think I’ll ask about babies being baptized. I’m sure I’ll get the same answer.

This is just one doctrine of Christianity. Try this experiment with all the other doctrines, and you’ll observe the same answers. There is no unity in Christianity. Shouldn’t we could call it Christianities.

The answer may well be that God doesn’t give a hoot! Why do we have to have all the answers? Life is a mystery – and don’t you love a good mystery?

My final question to ChatGPT was, “does heaven have great coffee?”

“As an AI language model, I’m not able to provide a definitive answer to whether heaven has great coffee or not, as the nature of heaven is a matter of theological debate and personal belief.”

If heaven (and hell) existed, we won’t know how good the coffee will be. It’s a mystery! It’s like traveling around the world – good dark roast coffee here, a fantastic Americano there. It’s all in how you approach life. Life is great! The coffee is excellent! Even if Google or ChatGPT aren’t sure.

Enjoy life and coffee while you have it! Be here now!

5 thoughts on “Google and ChatGPT Didn’t Know, Either!

  1. I personally believe that Baptism is like showing how significant God is to you. If we’re really committed, we’ll get Baptized. However, I don’t personally believe that it’s necessary for Salvation. The reason is because of John 3:16, it states, ” For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” it states whosoever believes in him, it doesn’t say whosoever and get’s baptized. Now I know that might sound different, but hear me out, even in all of the texts that talk about condemning people, it doesn’t say that those that don’t get baptized will be condemned does it? and all of the texts that talk about salvation will talk almost always about faith in Jesus. That’s what I personally believe anyways

    1. Thank you for your response, Germinr! Your answer makes sense. Why do you think there’s debate among theologians on this topic?

      1. Honestly, it’s Satan who is causing division amongst Christians. Even Jesus says that a house divided against itself cannot stand and he said that when the Pharisees accused him of casting out devils under the name of beezlebub. And he said that if he had done it under beezlebub, then his house would have been divided and he cannot do that. So he had to have casted our demons under Gods name. So it’s just Satan trying to cause division amongst God’s people because that’s not his house

  2. These rituals are all made-up by humans. As a matter of fact this religion was made-up by humans. So, just create an answer and start your own sect of these christianities. It would be as valid as the other thousand christianities. I think that you can be baptized by rain…just stand out in the rain, naked, and say your favorite bible quote and you will be baptized and maybe saved at the same time. It’s up to you…you make it up! What do you think, Vic?

    1. I think you’re funny. I’m not interested in starting a religion, especially a Christian religion. I’m just trying to figure out which Christianity is the most correct – if such a thing exists. If you follow the Bible all the way back to its original… Wait! There is no original copy of the Bible! Ha!

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