May 20, 2018 1:17 PM

We did our first excursion today in Ketchikan, AK. We visited Saxman Native Village where the Tlingit clan made totem poles and demonstrated their cultural dances. The people were so friendly and even invited me to dance with them.

The town of Ketchikan was a bit touristy for us. We went into a few restaurants hoping to find some food that we could eat for lunch but there weren’t any vegan-friendly restaurants to be found. The highlight of the day occurred when we went back to the ship to eat lunch. Jackie asked one of the head chefs if they could make us a veggie pizza with no cheese – and he said “NO PROBLEM!” So, he fixed it himself and served us the entire pizza! That was so cool of him to do that for us. And as a bonus, he said that they were planning a vegan night on Wednesday in the Oceanview Cafe.

We’re done with Ketchikan and on our way to Juneau, AK. We’ll be doing some whale-watching tomorrow evening. Can’t wait!

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May 19, 2018 2:11 PM

We were at sea all day today. This gave us a chance to walk around the ship to see what was available and what was going on. I found a great spot called the Spa Cafe. They had coffee and made healthful juices and smoothies. I sat down at a table in view of the ocean and made myself comfortable to read and write while Jackie went and worked out.

For lunch we found a place that had a veggie burger on the menu. When we got in line to order one, the guys says that it will be a while because he had to go to the galley to get them. That tells you how many veggie burgers they sell. When he returned he threw the frozen patties into the deep fryer instead of cooking them on the grill with the rest of the burgers. We asked for everything on it except for cheese. The only thing I could really taste was the ketchup and mustard. Won’t be going back for that.

For dinner, we found that the best place to eat that was somewhat vegan friendly was the buffet. I was able to order whole wheat pasta with a meatless tomato sauce. I had him add a bunch of veggies (mushrooms, green peppers, onions, etc.) to give the sauce some flavor. It was pretty good. The salads were also good but not so nutrient dense.

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May 18, 2018 10:27 AM

Pacific Ocean | 50°F

The first day on our vacation was a real adventure – a waiting adventure, that is. The nonstop flight to Seattle was great arriving around 9:40 am! But then we had to wait over 2 hours at the airport for a bus to take us to the pier. After a 45-minute bus ride to the pier, we found ourselves in a very long, serpentine line thinking that the escalator at the end of the line would take us onboard the ship. They checked our passports and we were finally on our way up the escalator to find ourselves in another serpentine line. It was a Kafkaesque moment (pseudo-titled, The Ship). But after another hour or so of laughter and telling jokes, we made it onboard.

It was around 3 pm (5 pm Nashville time) when we finally stepped onboard. We were famished and found a buffet before finding our room. But right as we were leaving to locate our room, we were alerted to a Guest Assembly Drill that was mandatory for the entire ship. We were hauled off to a jam-packed, standing-room only where we watched a safety video.

Okay, made it to our room where we found a note on our bed stating that we had a 6 pm dinner reservation. We cleaned up, relaxed for a few moments to catch our breath, then headed off to dinner. Dinner included very few healthful options – at least in our way of thinking. Our choices – soup, salad, and the only entree that was meat-free was an Indian dish that had potatoes and rice. I had the salad and potatoes. The salad contained mostly iceberg lettuce which is not very nutrient dense, but everything tasted great. Tomorrow will be a much better day! I can feel it!

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What Do Plant-Based Dieters Eat?

Before I started my whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle, I thought I would be limited to my choices in cuisines. But, that is not true! Plant foods include vegetables, fruits, tubers (potatoes), leafy greens, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, sea vegetables, and more. Whole-food, plant-based eaters stay away from meats, fish, dairy, eggs, oil, and foods that have been highly processed. Some people choose to eat fish on occasion or have oil in their salad. Who am I to judge you on how you choose to eat?

If you’re looking for some recipes, try the Fork Over Knives website. They have tons of easy recipes to try out – and let me know what you think!

…the view that the Bible is inerrant is a completely modern idea – it is not the traditional “Christian” view since time immemorrial.”

Misquoting Jesus, by Bart Ehrman

Revamped Blog Site

It has been a while since I’ve contributed anything to my blog site. I used to be heavily involved in writing about religion, mainly Christianity, but have since changed my way of thinking. I am now on a spiritual journey and have left behind the dogma and rituals of that religion. I have no intention or interest in bashing Christianity or any religion. My objective is to explore them all and record my findings in my journey.

Coffee, mainly dark roast coffee, is my choice of drug. Do you have a favorite roast? My wife and I love to travel and it’s sometimes challenging getting a good dark roast on the road. But, I’ll write about that, also.

Over the past few years, I have become a nutrition enthusiast, not a nutritionist. I have explored what may be the most healthful way of eating and that is by concentrating on “mostly” eating plants. I have read hundreds of scientific studies and have tried different options and what works for me and my family is a plant-based, whole-foods lifestyle. This is not just a fad or a diet – it’s a total lifestyle. So, I hope that you will join me on my journey.