On the Road Again


Meeting my brother at Starbucks this morning, so this may be a short one.  I think that we all know the story of Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus in the book of Acts.  If not, here’s a brief summary:

Paul was on his way to Damascus with some traveling companions.  His mission was to seek and destroy any person(s) who was worshipping Jesus.  On his way, a bright flash of light came from the sky which happened to be Jesus.  Jesus confronts Paul and asks why he has been persecuting Him.  Paul then receives instruction on what to do next.  Thus begins Paul’s conversion from Pharisitic Jew to a follower of Jesus.

What makes this story a bit irregular is that it’s told on three occassions and each story is slightly altered.  The narrator tells the first story and it begins in Acts 9:3.  I will paraphrase each story to save time.  A light flashes around Paul and he falls to the ground and hears a voice.  Paul’s traveling companions hear the voice but they don’t see anything.

The second story is found in Acts 22:9 and Paul is telling the story.  He again falls to the ground and hears a voice.  His companions don’t hear a voice this time but sees the light – just the opposite of what happens in the first story.

The third story, found in Acts 26:12, Paul is telling the story to King Agrippa.  When the light flashes they all fall to the ground.  Paul doesn’t say whether or not his companion heard a voice or saw the light – just that the light caused everyone to fall to the ground.

There is another point I’d like to make.  In the first two stories, Jesus tells Paul to go to Damascus where he will receive instruction from a man named Ananius.  But in the last story told to King Agrippa, Paul says that he was instructed by Jesus himself.

It’s time for another cup!  See ya next time!

One thought on “On the Road Again

  1. Must be difficult to remember details after you’ve had a psychotic episode. There are many contradictions within the old and new testaments. Either that doesn’t bother most christians or they don’t read their bible.

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