Haiku #9: Televangelists Share-A-Ride Campaign

Will they share a ride In their comfy private jets During the rapture? “I don’t know what Harold Camping had in mind when he predicted the end of the world, but Atheists are making up Christian jokes like there’s no tomorrow.” – Marc Perkel, Gilroy, Calif., Founder of the Church of Reality If I was a megadollar televangelist, … Continue reading Haiku #9: Televangelists Share-A-Ride Campaign

Haiku #8: Guns For Easter

Rising from his tomb Finding guns and painted eggs Tennessee Easter Tennessee is a permit-less carry State, which means that a permit is not required to carry a handgun, whether openly or concealed if the person is 21 years or older. The lawmakers are trying to change the law to include any firearm, including semi-automatic … Continue reading Haiku #8: Guns For Easter

Haiku #7: Dreams of Purple

In my Buddhist past A gecko jammin' Woodstock Jimi's purple haze I know that this haiku is somewhat random, but I get that way sometimes. I saw a cartoon meme on Facebook this morning that made me think of this outlandish poem. I was starting my second year in high school when I heard that … Continue reading Haiku #7: Dreams of Purple

Haiku #6: Mystical Eucharist

Water into wine Jesus' magical juice Bloody, bloody wine Turning water into wine at the Cana wedding is my favorite miracle. My second would be if he could turn water into an excellent dark-roasted coffee with a rich, bold flavor with deep notes of chocolate, caramel, and/or smokiness. One can only dream. The Gospel of … Continue reading Haiku #6: Mystical Eucharist

Haiku #1: God’s Guessing Games

Why make me wonder You can make it so simple For me to believe [See More Haiku at HaikuFromHell website.] God made it simple for the Apostle Thomas. When Jesus died on the cross, Thomas still doubted and said, “Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands and put my finger in … Continue reading Haiku #1: God’s Guessing Games