Haiku #1: God’s Guessing Games

Why make me wonder You can make it so simple For me to believe [See More Haiku at HaikuFromHell website.] God made it simple for the Apostle Thomas. When Jesus died on the cross, Thomas still doubted and said, “Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands and put my finger in … Continue reading Haiku #1: God’s Guessing Games

Is America Losing Its Religion?

My Italian-roasted coffee is heavenly this morning. That’s not a word I ever use to describe my coffee, but for some odd reason, that’s what came to mind. I started reading a book by the late Marcus J. Borg, who is sometimes described as a Jesus scholar. His book, The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a … Continue reading Is America Losing Its Religion?

Abortion Ban In Tennessee

Today is the day in Tennessee when the abortion ban takes effect. Getting caught performing an abortion is a Class C felony punishable by three to 15 years in prison. That means that they will convict your doctor of this crime for saving your life because of a serious health issue related to your pregnancy … Continue reading Abortion Ban In Tennessee

Freedom Fest 2022

Springfield, tennessee… freedom fest 2022… howling sounds of live country music… powerful odors from food trucks… red, white, and blue shirts and pants… jesus t-shirts… christian booths handing out wrist bands… annoying flashing lights… funnel cakes… firemen walking… councilmen running… carnival rides and long lines… no alcohol… lemonade… kids with giant suckers… pizza… flip flops… … Continue reading Freedom Fest 2022

Is Original Sin a Catch-22?

I was thinking about sin this morning with my coffee only because it’s so sinfully dark and delicious. I’m reading a book titled, Did God Kill Jesus by Tony Jones. I’m not going to give you a book review or anything like that. But the thoughts about Original Sin came to mind from reading a … Continue reading Is Original Sin a Catch-22?

Which Church Would Jesus Choose?

Clearly the person who accepts the Church as an infallible guide will believe whatever the Church teaches. Thomas Aquinas Let's pretend that you have a choice in choosing your own Christian denomination (45,000+ in the world). You visit several different churches throughout the year and make an informed decision as to which one just might … Continue reading Which Church Would Jesus Choose?

What is so great about the great commission?

I’m sitting here in my office at Starbucks this morning sipping on a dark roast. I’ve missed the jocularity of some of the old retired guys that frequent this place, talking about baseball and old times. I’ll look up from my computer on occasion and laugh at one of their jokes. Maybe I should ask … Continue reading What is so great about the great commission?

Which passion story of jesus is the true story?

The Passion Story of Jesus on Good Friday is told in different ways by the Gospel writers and did not necessarily agree with each other. Coffee is especially good this morning on Good Friday. Here's what I've been pondering this morning - how Jesus must have felt after Pontius Pilate sentenced him to death. Each … Continue reading Which passion story of jesus is the true story?

9 Things That Must Change If Christianity Were Proven True

During my first coffee this morning, I wondered what would happen if a group of archeologists found manuscripts written by Jesus, and after years of study, found them to be authentic? How would that change Christianity? Would people of other religions want to become a Christian? That made me wonder, so I decided to write … Continue reading 9 Things That Must Change If Christianity Were Proven True