About Me

My name is Vic Leathers. As you can tell by the name of my blog, God, Coffee & Plants, I have three main interests in my life. These are not all of my interests but everything I do can probably fall under one of these headings.

First, I am on a spiritual journey. My god is not the Christian God. I left behind the dogma and rituals of the Christian religion years ago. I am not attempting to disprove Christianity and have no interest in bashing Christians. I have a great appreciation of what Christianity has provided me. I am now open to all religions in learning about life, various customs, and cultures. I am on a journey in search of calmness and inner peace.

Second, I indulge in dark roasted coffee whenever available. I enjoy the warmth, the bitterness, the calming effect, and how it opens my mind to the day. I enjoy trying coffees of the world and sharing a cup, or two, with people who are unlike me.

And last, I am a nutrition enthusiast, not a nutritionist, and cooking is my greatest hobby. I believe that eating “mostly” plant-based foods is the key to good health. Another reason for being a plant-based eater is that I have compassion for all animals so I don’t eat anything that has a face. I also have a great concern for the health of our planet. It is predicted that by the year 2050, there will be almost 10 billion people on this planet. Eating meat is not a sustainable way of eating because growing it utilizes too many of our precious resources (water, land, and air).

And what would my journey be without my incredible, wonderful wife who completes me? We love to travel and hope to find meaning in it through the people that we meet. This blog is my written journey.

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