Haiku #5: Dolphin Bay

Blue Dolphin Paradise

This past week, my wife and I joined a small group of retreaters in Panama. More specifically, it was at Dolphin Blue Paradise on Isla San Cristobal. We had the perfect view of Dolphin Bay from our cabana, home to about 80 bottlenose dolphins. 

If you look out into the bay for a period, they will eventually show themselves, one or two at a time. It’s difficult to get a photo or video of them. It’s as if they vanish into the spray of the waves only to appear in other parts of the bay.

In this turquoise bay

Dolphins playing in the surf

Arch into a spray

Lowly Dolphin – don’t blink!

5 thoughts on “Haiku #5: Dolphin Bay

    1. We went on a wellness retreat – a kind of holistic adventure. We did yoga, meditated, had great food, hiked in the jungle, swam, snorkeled, visited beaches, etc. I was throwing out the word retreater as being one who attended this retreat. Ha!

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