Is America Losing Its Religion?

My Italian-roasted coffee is heavenly this morning. That’s not a word I ever use to describe my coffee, but for some odd reason, that’s what came to mind.

I started reading a book by the late Marcus J. Borg, who is sometimes described as a Jesus scholar. His book, The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a Life of Faith, is the book I’m reading now.

Biblical Literalism Declining

Marcus Borg brings up an interesting thought: A Gallup Poll shows that from 1963 to 2001, biblical literalism had declined from 63% to 27%. In the most recent Gallup Poll, only 20% see the Bible as the literal word of God. The Bible was considered sacred in my Christian upbringing because every word came from God. The Word of God is infallible and inerrant. But looks as if times are changing!

Number of American Christians Declining

A majority of Americans call themselves Christian today. Estimates from 2021 say about 63% of Americans are Christian. Fifty years ago, that number was up to about 90%. The Pew Research Center says that if the decline continues at this rate, that number will drop below 50%.

Church Membership Declining

Church Membership is below 50% today and 73% in 1937 (when Gallup first measured it).

Do Americans Believe In God?

Gallup asked the simple question, “Do you believe in God?” They found that 81% said yes, which is down from 87% in 2017. It was as high as 98% in the 1950s and 1960s. Gallup asked the same question in different ways and got different answers. See the article here.

The Nones Are Growing

The number of religiously unaffiliated (or the “nones”) Americans has risen to 22.8% and consists of atheists, agnostics, and “nothing in particulars.” A weird way to look at that statistic is saying that the Nones are the second largest “religion” in America. Whew! Now that’s weird!

Churches Closing In Record Numbers

Closing Thoughts

What are your thoughts about Christianity in America? Do you think that people are quitting God or just tired of religious institutions? Has the Christian religion become too political?

I’ll have another cup, please!

4 thoughts on “Is America Losing Its Religion?

  1. Interestingly a survey in the U.K. released today has shown that citizens defining themselves as Christian has dropped below 50% for the first time to 48%. I wouldn’t be so concerned if the other 52% were Buddhist like ourselves! Thanks for following my blog, happy to follow yours and reading interesting posts.

    1. Thank you, Dr. B. My mother was Japanese and Buddhist. My parents divorced when I was young, so I wasn’t raised with religious beliefs. Long story. Buddhism appeals to me. My wife and I enjoy traveling and enjoy the various cultures and religions. Thank you for following!

      1. I was raised a Methodist Christian then when I was 22 met my wife to be, a Buddhist from Kathmandu and my life changed irrevocably. Champa is the “pure living it” Buddhist whereas I try but am mor cognitive than spiritual. I try hard, but there’s a lingering atheistic tendency within me. Still, we meditate twice daily together. I guess 51 years of marriage accounts for that 🤣🤣🙏🙏🕉🕉

  2. Congratulations on 51 years of marriage – I admire that! I was married into a Christian religion and tried my best to understand its doctrines and dogmas. When I realized that Christianity was not a united religion, I began to investigate it thoroughly. Now I am no longer a Christian. I meditate, also, but am sure that you’re on a different level. Enjoy and peace!

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