Abortion Ban In Tennessee

Today is the day in Tennessee when the abortion ban takes effect. Getting caught performing an abortion is a Class C felony punishable by three to 15 years in prison. That means that they will convict your doctor of this crime for saving your life because of a serious health issue related to your pregnancy – with no exceptions.

Of course the doctor can go to court to defend themself arguing that the abortion was necessary to save the pregnant person’s life. But, that defense can only come into play at the criminal trial – after it has indicted them.

Tennessee is one of those Southern ultra Christian religious states that loves to mix their religion with politics. Never mind that our founding fathers intentionally kept God out of the United States Constitution. And the First Amendment ensures that our government cannot promote one religion over another.

Tennessee also has a law that bans atheists from holding office. I wonder if their definition of atheism is more about not believing in the Christian God. Can a Muslim or Hindu run for office? Or do they consider them atheists for not believing in their Christian god? Can an agnostic, like me, run for office? I’m not smart enough to know whether a boundless god exists.

Christians look at abortion in only one way – murdering a baby. Of course, killing is one of the sacred ten commandments – and so is the Sabbath. The debate is whether we can consider a fetus a living human being yet or not. Others look at abortion as a basic healthcare need for many women. 

So, instead of looking at the individual and their situation, Christians in a Christian state must have it their way. No abortions at all are what they believe to be God’s will. Bible believers who believe in an inerrant Bible who cannot point to anti-abortion scripture win. Majority rule wins and the health of a lot of women doesn’t matter.

Now that we have one of the Ten Commandments covered in our Christian state, let us work on the other nine. Maybe start a petition for ensuring that we follow the Sabbath or indict those Committing Adultery – with no exceptions.

2 thoughts on “Abortion Ban In Tennessee

    1. I wasn’t too shocked when I moved here that TN was so fundamentalistic in their religion. But it upsets me to see so many states falling in line with trying to make our government a Christian State.

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