Leaving Religion

leaving relgion

I used to be believe in religion. My religion had many, many rules – and claimed those rules to be inspired by God. My religion even had their top ten laws engraved in stone. My religion is a religion of love although we condemn certain groups of people. We are told that we should love the sinner and hate the sin but some seem to get confused and hate the sinner. My religion says it’s okay to break some of the rules like, eating bacon because it’s an ancient rule and everybody eats and enjoys bacon. But we must be adamant about shunning others who fall in love with someone of their own gender. It’s not natural some say. I often wondered if being left-handed was natural – it’s not for me. My religion sometimes say we don’t have to follow the laws of the Old Testament because Jesus gave us new rules, even though he quoted from the old laws that were carved in the tablets by God. I no longer believe in religion. My religion became a contradiction. It’s too complicated. And all I want to do is love humankind.

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