Tuesday of Holy Week

A lot happened on Tuesday or Holy Week covering almost three chapters and 115 verses in the Gospel of Mark. We know what happens day-by-day only in Mark’s writings. Without Mark we would not know for sure what happened during each day of the week prior to Easter. If you’re curious enough, read Mark 11:20 through Mark 13:37). Matthew 21:18 through 24:51 and Luke 20:1 through 21:36 occurs on Tuesday, also. The Gospel of John has nothing about the events that occur on Tuesday.

great commandment

Most of Tuesday has Jesus debating and speaking with Temple authorities. Some famous quotes come out of Tuesdays adventures. “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to god the things that are God’s.” The twofold “great commandment” to love God and your neighbors came out of this day. Mark 13: 5-37 is commonly know as the “little apocalypse” – the “big apocalypse” being the Book of Revelation. Apocalyptic literature is about a time of great suffering followed by a divine deliverance. Jesus thought it was coming real soon.

My favorite part of Tuesday was when Jesus taught about the second coming (Mark 13:24-27). It starts out by Jesus saying, “… the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light. …Then they will see the Son of Man coming out of the clouds…” I have always wondered how anyone would see the Son of Man if the “sun was darkened.” Oh well, that’s just me, I guess.

Holy Week is a good time to pick up your Bible and READ it. Read about Holy Week in all four Gospels. Discover what each author had to say and how different their thoughts were about what happened prior to Easter Sunday. More to come!

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